Driving tests

Can you use a cycle lane when turning?

When there’s a cycle lane at a set of lights, you must not wait in it for the light to turn green, and you must not drive in it as you approach the lights (unless you’re riding a bicycle). Motorbikes

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Can you wait to turn right at traffic lights?

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about what you can do when you want to turn right at traffic lights where there’s no green turning arrow. If everyone follows these rules, more traffic can flow through the intersection. As soon as

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What can you do if the traffic lights don’t change?

Traffic lights are sometimes controlled by an electromagnetic sensor loop embedded in the road that starts about a metre back from the white line and extends for several metres. It detects large metal objects sitting over the top of them.

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What is gap selection and how can you improve your skills?

Gap selection occurs when the driver looks at approaching traffic and decides that there’s enough space to complete a manoeuvre or action. For example, chooses to turn, overtake, make a u-turn or change lanes into a gap in the traffic, or

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The Give Way Rules in New Zealand

Let’s look at a number of examples of giving way which can help you determine what to do at many kinds of intersections in New Zealand (and around the world). If you’ve been confused about the rules before, these simple

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The world’s most terrifying intersections

Studies done in various countries have found that certain intersections are very daunting for some drivers. Where you get a lot of traffic passing through and needing to go in different directions intersections can not only be complex in their

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