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Pothole dangers: should drivers be taught how to avoid potholes?

Potholes are holes in the road surface that are bigger than 7cm in diameter but not more than a metre square in area or more than 5 cm deep. They’re part of a group of definitions for damage to the

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Why are roads often sloped and not flat?

Roads are angled for three reasons: Drainage Safety Terrain Superelevation or banking In an ideal world the road would be higher on the outside of the corner than the inside because this is safer and vehicles can travel around the

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What can you do if the traffic lights don’t change?

Traffic lights are sometimes controlled by an electromagnetic sensor loop embedded in the road that starts about a metre back from the white line and extends for several metres. It detects large metal objects sitting over the top of them.

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Are wider roads safer, and how are road widths decided?

A two-lane road in New Zealand usually consists of a lane in either direction that is 3.25m wide plus a 0.5m shoulder on either side which can be increased to 1.2m if it’s designed for cyclists.¬†Traffic signs are located at

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