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Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule Change Implemented

On July 8, 2015 changes come into effect to the VDAM rule which introduce graduated penalties for minor infringements and a revised definition of three critical conditions which attract a higher penalty:

  • Exceeding the gross weight on the permit
  • Exceeding a design limit such as gross vehicle mass
  • Failing to observe bridge restrictions.

In the previous rule a permit could be voided if any condition is breached, and disproportionately high penalties could be levied even for minor infringements. With the new provisions, if one condition is breached, e.g. the permit vehicle is overloaded on one axle, a fine will only be imposed for that breach. Fines have been increased for overweight vehicles that don’t have a permit.

NZ Police have trained staff in the new enforcement process, and the Offences and Penalties Regulations have been updated.

A new permit form has been created. It is similar to the previous one but includes a description of critical conditions and clarifies when the permit ceases to be valid.

If you have an existing permit, it continues to be valid until it expires or is replaced.

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