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Forklift and pallet truck abbreviations and acronyms

This list can be useful for newer operators or operators who have come from overseas as it explains common abbreviations and acronyms used on and around forklifts.

4-D: Capable of travel forwards/backwards/left/right

AC: Alternating Current

ACOP: Approved Code of Practice

AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle

AI: Automatic Identification

AMPH: Amp Per Hour

APM: Auto Pallet Mover

AVC: Automatic Vehicle Control

AWS: Automated Warehouse System

BC: Battery Compartment

BHS: Battery Handling Systems

BLO: Baseleg Opening

BOW: Baseleg Overall Width

BPI: Batch Put Indicator

BSOC: Battery State of Charge

C or CB: Counterbalance (model designator)

CG (or COG): Centre of Gravity

Centre of gravity icon

CH: Container Handler

Both a container handler and a reach stacker handle containers, but one has a mast and the other has a telescopic boom

CNG: Compressed Natural Gas

DTI: Digital Tilt Indicator

ECH: Empty Container Handler

EL. HT: Elevated Height

EX. HT: Extended Height

FFL: Full Free Lift

FL: Forklift or Free Lift

FLT: Forklift Truck

FOPS: Falling Object Protection System

FS: Forklift Service

HHPT: Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

HLPT: High-lift Pallet Truck

HPT: Hand Pallet Truck

ITSSAR: Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register

LC: Load Centre (horizontal)

LH: Lowered Height

LLC: Lost Load Centre

LLOP: Low-Level Order Picker

L: Low-Lift Truck

LPG: Liquid Petroleum Gas

LSI: Large Spark Ignited

MH: Materials Handling

MCU: Motor Control Unit

NA: Narrow Aisle

O&M: Operations and Maintenance manual

OACH: Overall Collapsed Height

OAL: Overall Length

OAW: Overall Width

OHG: Overhead Guard

OP: Order Picker (model designator)

OPS or OPSS: Operator Presence Sensing (System)

P: Platform Truck (model designator)

PAS: Pedestrian Alert System

PDS: Pedestrian Detection System

PFL: Part Free Lift

PHC: Portable Hand Controller

POF: Pedestrian-operated Forklift

PPT: Powered Pallet Truck

A ride-on electric-powered pallet truck

PTO: Pallet Truck Operator

R: Reach Truck (model designator)

RS: Reach Stacker

reach stacker at a port

RTFLT: Rough Terrain Forklift Truck

S: Straddle Fork Truck (model designator)

SL or SLR: Side Loader (model designator)

SMH: Systems Material Handling

S/S: Side Shift

TF: Two-Stage Mast

TM: Top Mount (pallet truck model designator)

TN: Nominal Free Lift or Two-Stage Mast

TT: Three-Stage Mast (designator)

UL Type EE, ES or E: Electric power ratings

VNA: Very Narrow Aisle (model designator)

WP: Work Platform

WR: Walkie Reach

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