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Heavy vehicle signs in New Zealand

Here are regulatory signs that relate primarily to heavy vehicles. You can check out road sign questions from the Road Code for heavy vehicles here.

New_Zealand_R5-3.svg Heavy vehicles are not allowed
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-35.svg  Bus lane
 New_Zealand_RH-2.svg  This shows the maximum length of a heavy vehicle allowed on the road. It could be because there is not sufficient room for a longer vehicle to turn
 New_Zealand_RH-1i.svg Class I road
 New_Zealand_RH-1c.svg Heavy vehicles can drive on this road only to deliver or collect goods or passengers.
 New_Zealand_RP-5.1_(left).svgNew_Zealand_RP-5.1_(right).svgNew_Zealand_RP-5.svgNew_Zealand_RP-5.1_(double).svg Shows the direction of a bus stop in relation to the sign with parking prohibited for all other vehicles
 New_Zealand_-_No_Parking_Coach_Stop_(right).svg New_Zealand_-_No_Parking_Coach_Stop_(left).svg A similar sign to the bus stop.
 New_Zealand_IG-19_(veer_left).svg New_Zealand_IG-19_(turn_right).svg New_Zealand_IG-19_(turn_left).svg Stock trucks can follow this sign to dispose of effluent.
 New_Zealand_IG-18_(on_left_300m).svgNew_Zealand_IG-18_(on_right_300m).svg Stock trucks should look for the entrance to a stock effluent disposal point in 300m either on the right or left, as indicated.
 New_Zealand_IG-18_(turn_left_300m).svgNew_Zealand_IG-18_(turn_right_300m).svg Stock trucks should turn either right or left in 300m, as indicated, to find a stock effluent disposal point.
 New_Zealand_IG-5_(right).svg New_Zealand_IG-5_(left).svg Heavy vehicles can take a bypass either to the right or left, as indicated
 New_Zealand_IG-4_(200m).svgNew_Zealand_IG-4_(300m).svg A heavy vehicle bypass is in 200 or 300m, as indicated. Watch for further signs showing which side it is.
 New_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_Time_Limit_(right).svg New_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_Time_Limit_(left).svg New_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_Time_Limit_(double).svg New_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_Time_Limit.svg New_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_Non_Standard_Hours.svg Parking signs for buses showing how long they can park for or which days, and the position in relation to the sign.
 New_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_No_Limit.svgNew_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_No_Limit_(double).svgNew_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_No_Limit_(left).svgNew_Zealand_-_Bus_Parking_No_Limit_(right).svg General unmetered parking signs for buses showing the position of the parking in relation to the sign
 New_Zealand_RP-7.2.svg This sign is often added underneath parking directions indicating it’s for goods vehicles only.
 New_Zealand_-_Parking_for_5_Minute_Maximum_Goods_Vehicles_Only.svg This sign is often added underneath parking directions indicating a time limit and the type(s) of vehicles it applies to.
 120px-New_Zealand_PW-28.svg A warning for large vehicles that an incline/decline means they should change down a gear.
 New_Zealand_R3-5.1.svg All traffic is allowed except for buses.

Now you’ve studied up on the signs, check out our Road Code sign questions to test your knowledge.

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