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Regulatory road signs in New Zealand

Here are the road signs you’ll come across in New Zealand that are regulatory, i.e. they prohibit you from doing something, or restrict you to doing something. To test your knowledge after you have viewed these signs, head over to our signs questions and see how you do.

New_Zealand_RG-1_(10_kmh).svgNew_Zealand_RG-2_(100_kmh).svg Maximum speed limit signs in 10kph increments from 10kph up to 100kph.
 New_Zealand_RG-2.1.svg National speed limit applies – basically this is a speed limit derestriction, and the maximum limit of 100kph must be obeyed.
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-4.svg This sign is sometimes added to a speed limit sign, for example at road works. The usually speed limit might be 100kph but because of roadworks you could see a 30kph sign with this ‘temporary’ sign underneath.
 New_Zealand_RG-5.svg This stop sign is compulsory and is found at junctions. You will also see a yellow line on the road indicating that stopping is mandatory here, as opposed to a white line with a give way sign
 New_Zealand_RG-6.svg Give way signs are found at intersections accompanied by a white line on the road.
 New_Zealand_Sign_Assembly_-_RG-6R_with_RG-6P.svg At a roundabout, this give way sign may be present.
 New_Zealand_RG-6.3.svg If you see this sign below another sign it only applies to traffic turning right. There is an equivalent sign the says ‘Straight Ahead Traffic’, too.
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-8.svg 120px-New_Zealand_RG-7.svg These signs show that you must not turn left or right.
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-15.svg This sign indicates you must not do a u-turn. It is often found where it might be possible to perform a u-turn but oncoming traffic may be going too fast or not have enough visibility for it to be safe for you to be performing a low-speed manoeuvre in the middle of the road
 New_Zealand_RG-10.svg Blue signs with a white arrow show you where you must go, in this case straight ahead.
 New_Zealand_RG-13.svg New_Zealand_RG-12.svg These two signs indicate you can turn right or turn left, depending on which one is shown.
 New_Zealand_RG-11.svg This sign indicates you can turn either way.
 New_Zealand_RG-17.svg A blue arrow pointing to the left shows you which side to pass the sign. They are often seen on traffic islands. Sometimes you might see two smaller arrows stacked one on top of the other if there is not room to have one larger sign.
 New_Zealand_RG-14_(R).svg A one-way sign with the direction shows you which way you must turn.
 New_Zealand_RG-16.svg The road is closed ahead and you must not pass.
 New_Zealand_RG-18.svg Wrong way signs are seen most commonly if you look back up a motorway off-ramp. If you see one, turn around immediately as you put yourself at risk of a head-on collision
 New_Zealand_RG-19.svg This sign shows that oncoming vehicles have priority, for example on a single-lane bridge
 New_Zealand_RG-20.svg This sign shows that you have priority, e.g. on a single-lane bridge, unless there’s another vehicle already on it.
 New_Zealand_RG-21.svg This sign shows a maximum height restriction, for example for a bridge or overhanging power lines
 New_Zealand_RG-22.svg At the beginning of a passing lane you will see this sign indicating that you should stay left unless you are overtaking
 New_Zealand_RG-23.svg Pedestrians are not allowed, for example, on motorways
 New_Zealand_RG-24.svg Cyclists are not allowed, for example on motorways
 New_Zealand_R5-3.svg Heavy vehicles are not allowed.
 New_Zealand_RG-25.svg Only pedestrians are allowed.
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-26A.svg Only cyclists are allowed
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-26.svg Cycle lane
 80px-New_Zealand_RG-26C.svg Shared path for cyclists and pedestrians
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-26D.svg Pedestrians must stay on the left and cyclists on the right
 New_Zealand_RG-27.svg This sign is usually seen where there is a red filter light to prevent cars turning when pedestrians have a green light. The sign indicates that if pedestrians are still crossing vehicles must give way to them.
 New_Zealand_RG-28.svg Stop for a school patrol
 New_Zealand_RG-29_(straight).svg You must proceed straight ahead if you are in this lane
 New_Zealand_RG-29_(straight_or_left).svg This lane must either turn left or proceed straight ahead. There is a similar one for turning right or going straight ahead.
 New_Zealand_RG-29_(left).svg New_Zealand_RG-29_(right).svg These signs show you must either turn left or right.
New_Zealand_RG-34.svgNew_Zealand_RG-34.1.svg Vehicles must pass to the right of this sign.
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-35_(exclusive).svg Only buses can use this lane or road
 120px-New_Zealand_RG-35.svg Bus lane – cars may not use it unless it’s indicated only for specific times of the day, in which case there will be a sign underneath explaining those days and times.

Now try out our signs questions and see how well you know the Road Code.

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