Driving tests

17: Turning right at traffic signals (traffic lights)

The aim of this lesson is to legally and safely turn right at an intersection with traffic signals. You will be driving in a 50kph zone on a two-way road with a 90-degree turn at an intersection that has traffic signals.

Driver actions

  • Check all the mirrors
  • Check your blind spot for traffic by looking over your shoulder
  • Indicate right for at least three seconds before starting to turn
  • Position your car to the left of the centre line or (if the road splits into two lanes at the intersection) the right lane
  • Scan the intersection for hazards
  • Slow the vehicle down before the intersection using your brakes and gears
  • If the signal is green, turn the corner if it’s safe to do so – look through the corner so you can see what’s happening ahead of you
  • If the signal is red or yellow, stop and wait behind the line
  • When turning the corner keep the car in the correct position, using appropriate lanes and with an appropriate speed
  • Check the mirrors once you’ve completed the turn
  • Accelerate to an appropriate speed after completing the turn

Perform the tasks at least three times.

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