Driving tests

21: Higher-speed areas – single lane each way

The aim of this lesson is for you to drive on a single carriageway (single lane each way) at a higher speed while remaining in a safe position on the road and keeping within the posted speed limit. You’ll need to be driving in a 70-100kph zone on a two-way road with a marked centre line.

Driver actions

  • Keep your car in the middle of the left lane, unless you have to move to the right to avoid parked vehicles and kerbside hazards, or to the left to avoid oncoming vehicles.
  • Drive at an appropriate speed for the road and conditions – this includes neither holding up traffic, nor breaking the speed limit
  • Stay a safe distance behind the vehicle in front
  • Maintain an appropriate speed around any corners
  • Check your mirrors every 10 seconds or so
  • Scan the road ahead and to the side for potential hazards

Perform the tasks at least twice.

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