Driving tests

22: Higher-speed areas – multi-lane

The aim of this lesson is to drive at higher speeds on a multi-lane, two-way road, i.e. a dual carriageway, with a speed limit of between 70-100kph.

Driver actions

  • Choose the appropriate lane (this will be the left lane unless you are overtaking or about to turn right, or the left lane is exit-only).
  • Maintain your car’s position near the middle of the lane unless you need to move to avoid parked vehicles or kerbside hazards.
  • Keep your speed appropriate to the conditions
  • Keep your position in the traffic flow, maintaining a gap of at least two seconds to the vehicle in front
  • Check your mirrors every 10 seconds or so
  • Scan the road ahead and to the side for potential hazards

Perform the tasks at least twice.

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