Driving tests

7: Moving off from the kerb

The aim of this section is to safely and legally pull out from the kerb on the first attempt while maintaining full control of the car. You’ll need to be on a flat road in a 50kph zone. Park the car within 300mm of the left kerb with at least 50m of straight road ahead.

Start the engine and leave it in neutral (manual) or park (automatic) with the handbrake/park brake on.

Driver actions

  • Check mirrors for hazards
  • Indicate right for at least three seconds
  • Engage the appropriate gear, release the handbrake/park brake
  • Check the mirrors and blind spot over your right shoulder
  • If it’s safe to move out, accelerate smoothly, quickly and safely into an appropriate gap
  • Check mirrors again
  • Adjust steering as required

Perform this task at least three times.

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