Driving tests

8: Driving straight

The aim of this section is to legally and safely drive the car on a straight road in normal traffic conditions, keeping the car in the correct position in relation to the road and other road users, staying within the posted speed limit, and maintaining your place in the traffic flow without impeding progress.

You’ll need a 50kph, two-way street with intersecting roads and no traffic lights.

Driver actions

  • Keep the car in the centre of the lane unless there’s an obstacle (e.g. a cyclist that you need to go past, or an oncoming vehicle that is taking up part of your lane, or a kerbside hazard)
  • Choose the right speed for the conditions
  • Maintain your place in the traffic flow, keeping a safe following distance from the vehicle in front (at least two seconds)
  • Every 10 seconds or so, check in the mirrors so you have a good understanding of what other vehicles are around you
  • Scan the road ahead and to both sides to identify potential hazards – you’re looking for intersections, pedestrians, vehicles, school zones, signs indicating a change in road condition, etc.

Perform this task at least three times.

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