Driving tests

9: Stopping at the kerb

The aim of this section is to bring the car to a stop next to the left kerb. You will need a 50kph zone on a two-way road with areas to park (i.e. not a dashed yellow line, or within a clearway during its hours of operation)

Driver actions

  • Find a safe parking space and check your mirrors
  • Smoothly slow down the car
  • Position the car appropriately to move left towards the kerb
  • Indicate left for at least three seconds and check over your left shoulder for hazards, specifically cyclists or motorcyclists that might be on your left and may not have seen your indicator
  • Stop the car next to the kerb (within 300mm)
  • Put the car in neutral (manual) or park (automatic), put the handbrake/park brake on and turn the engine off.

Perform the tasks at least 3 times.

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