Driving tests

10: Turning left off a road

The aim of this lesson is to legally and safely turn left from a road into another road.

You will need to be driving in a 50-60kph zone on a two-way road with intersections to the left and right controlled by Stop and/or Give Way signs.

Driver actions

  • Check all mirrors and blind spots
  • Indicate left for at least three seconds before starting to turn
  • Check the intersection for hazards
  • Slow the car down for the turn using the appropriate gears and brake if necessary
  • Keep the car in the correct position throughout the turn (no less than 1 metre and no more than 2 metres from the kerb)
  • Give way to pedestrians already on the road or crossing, and other vehicles if required
  • Drive at an appropriate speed throughout the turn
  • Once you’ve completed the turn, check your mirrors again
  • Accelerate to an appropriate speed for the traffic flow

Perform the tasks at least three times.

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