Driving tests

11: Driving straight ahead at a roundabout

The aim of this lesson is to approach a roundabout and safely and legally drive around it to exit at the exit straight ahead. You’ll need to be driving in a 50-60kph zone on a two-way street with a roundabout.

Driver actions

  • Check all mirrors
  • Position your car in the correct lane for the route through the roundabout. This will be marked on the road. If the road remains as one lane, stay in the middle of the lane. If it splits into two lanes at the roundabout it might be the left lane, the right lane or either lane. If you are approaching the roundabout and the lane divides into two at the intersection, and you are not overtaking other vehicles you should be in the left lane if both lanes are marked as going straight ahead.
  • Slow down to an appropriate speed and stop or give way if required
  • Scan the roundabout for hazards, such as queued traffic, or pedestrians – be careful if visibility is reduced to the right as you approach the roundabout, such as by vegetation
  • Select an appropriate gap in the traffic and keep your car in the correct position through the roundabout – i.e. if you entered in the left hand lane, stay in the left hand lane
  • Indicate left as soon as you pass the exit before the one you are taking. Note: the roundabout might not be big enough for you to indicate for three seconds, but don’t indicate before the last exit or you may confuse other drivers who will think you are turning early
  • Check the mirrors as you exit the roundabout
  • If you entered the roundabout in the right hand lane and both lanes continue after the roundabout, exit in the right hand lane
  • Accelerate back to an appropriate speed for the conditions

Perform the tasks at least three times.

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