Driving tests

12: Turning left at a Give Way sign

The aim of this lesson is to legally and safely turn left at an intersection with a Give Way sign. You’ll need to be driving in a 50-60kph zone on a two-way road with a 90-degree turn at an intersection that has a Give Way sign, i.e. you will be the one giving way.

Driver actions

  • Check all your mirrors
  • Check your blind spot by looking over your left shoulder
  • Indicate left for at least three seconds before starting to turn
  • Scan the intersection for potential hazards
  • Slow down for the turn and use the right gear to maintain an appropriate speed. Be prepared to stop
  • Give way to any pedestrians already crossing.
  • Give way to vehicles coming from your right
  • Keep your car in the correct position in the lane throughout the turn (no less than 1 metre and no more than 2 metres from the kerb). In general, the wider you are, the further you can see around the corner, but don’t go further than 2m from the kerb. Staying too far to the right could confuse and impede traffic behind you
  • Maintain an appropriate speed through the turn
  • Check your mirrors once the turn is completed
  • Accelerate to an appropriate speed after the turn

Perform the tasks at least three times.

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