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Signs of bad brakes and when to change them

All brakes have a limited life span due to the extreme conditions under which they operate. They’re essentially small disks of metal responsible for stopping the rotation of wheels connected to 1500kg or more of moving metal. They have to

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What should you do if your brakes fail while you are driving?

Depending on what vehicle you are driving and the type of road you are driving on, you have a number of options if your brakes stop working while you’re driving. They could stop working because of brake fade, you’ve driven

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Braking on a motorbike

The majority of the braking power is via your front wheel – around 75-90%, depending on the road surface, your position when riding, how your bike is set up, and whether you are carrying a load such as a pillion

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Dealing with brake fade when driving a car

Brake fade is the partial or total loss of braking power, all of which are caused by overheating the service brakes (the brakes operated by pushing the brake pedal). There are three kinds: Pad fade The material used for the

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