Driving tests

How to become a load pilot

Load pilots help oversized loads be transported on the roads without causing a danger to other road users. These loads are wider, taller and/or longer than the maximum vehicle dimensions. Our roads have signs, lanes, roundabouts and traffic islands based

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How to be a stunt driver

Driving in the movies is often done by a stunt driver. They will do car chases, action scenes, precision driving and anytime a vehicle is involved in an impact or explosion. Stunt drivers sometimes start out as racing drivers but

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Getting a job as a truck driver

There is a huge shortage of truck drivers in New Zealand, particularly class 5 drivers, so now is a good time to get into this industry. First you will need a heavy vehicle licence. You can practice the heavy vehicle

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How to become a tow truck driver or car transporter driver

What do tow truck drivers and car transporter drivers do? Car transporter drivers (sometimes called car carrier drivers) transport one or more cars on a large truck, usually from a port to a regional or local dealer or distribution centre.

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