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Can you learn to ride on an electric motorbike?

The Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999 was recently updated to include a definition for electric motorbikes under “approved motorcycle”: …is powered by motive power wholly derived from an external source of electricity and is approved for use by the

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Are electric cars quieter than petrol or diesel cars?

When you turn an electric car on, it’s virtually silent. You might hear a faint whine of various components, but it’s nothing like the persistent growl of a petrol engine or the relentless clatter of a diesel engine. What is

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What is an EV lane?

 An EV lane is reserved for electric vehicles and any other vehicles marked on the sign, for example, vehicles carrying two or more people (T2), heavy vehicles, motorbikes, etc. Priority bypass lanes on motorways allow drivers of certain vehicles to

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What’s the maximum power of an electric bike?

Legal restrictions for riding electric bikes on the road Electric bikes are becoming very popular. The first models looked painfully uncool, but now there are bikes that look very fashionable. Given that an electric motor can be both small and

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