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How do you get or renew a D endorsement for dangerous goods?

How do you get a D endorsement?

You need to complete a dangerous goods D endorsement course. You can do the theory online (on this website) followed by a final theory assessment in front of an accredited trainer, or you can do a classroom-based course with an instructor.

New D endorsements

To get a D endorsement you have to take a D endorsement course. The options are to take the theory online and then do a short classroom session with an assessment, or do a half-day course with an approved provider such as TR Driver Training.

D endorsement renewals

A D endorsement must be renewed every five years and it can be done in-class or blended (online plus in-class). You cannot do the whole course online as the MITO paperwork must be sighted by an approved trainer.

If your D endorsement has expired, you can renew it any time within five years of the expiry date.

When do you need a D endorsement?

You must have a dangerous goods (D) endorsement on your driver licence if you transport dangerous goods by road. This doesn’t apply to all dangerous goods, though, as it depends on the quantities and why you are transporting them.

When do you not need a D endorsement?

If the dangerous goods are tools-of-trade in quantities that are under the limits in schedule 1 of the Land Transport Rule: Dangerous Goods 2005, then you don’t need a dangerous goods endorsement. This might include a tin of petrol you carry in your lawn-mowing business or a box of ammunition you require for your deer culling business.

You also don’t need one if you carry permitted quantities for domestic or recreational purposes. For example, some swimming pool chemicals are DGs if the quantity is high enough, but in the amounts you would need for a private pool, they are not.

Finally, you can carry permitted levels of dangerous goods if you’re not carrying them for hire or reward.

How do you apply for a D endorsement?

You need to:

Your new licence and ID card will be printed and delivered within 15-20 days. You must not drive with dangerous goods until this arrives.

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