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WINZ or MSD quotes for driver training

If you are receiving a WINZ benefit and want to improve your career prospects by building your driving skills, they may pay for courses, but you need to get us to provide a quote for you to supply to WINZ. Talk to your case officer and suggest which courses will help you.

Courses that will help job seekers get into the workforce are:

Forklift F endorsement (unit standard 18496) plus operator’s certificate: Passing this course means you can operate a forklift in a warehouse, yard or on the road. The theory is done online and the practical can be done at any one of TR Driver Training’s 12 branches nationwide

Forklift operator’s certificate: if you don’t need the F endorsement, the forklift operator’s certificate will give you a 3-year certificate to operate a forklift in a closed warehouse or yard. The theory is done online and the practical can be done at any one of TR Driver Training’s 12 branches nationwide. This can be a new or refresher course – the theory is the same.

Logbooks and work time: heavy vehicle drivers: with over 3000 logbook infringement notices issued by police in 2018, it’s important that drivers ensure they know their obligations as fines are expensive and can cause loss of licence.

Pre-trip inspection: heavy vehicles: trucks are expensive and freight is valuable. Learn how to do a proper pre-trip inspection so that you minimise downtime with expensive repairs and breakages, and you ensure that the load is safe.

Fleet Driver Plan: The gold standard in improving your knowledge of the road rules, advanced driving and driver health and safety. Used by thousands of people nationwide.

Low-speed manoeuvring and towing: Most damage to company cars and trucks is caused in low-speed accidents. This course helps reduce the risk of you denting a company vehicle.

Dangerous goods endorsement: A D endorsement on your licence means you can carry dangerous goods and it improves your prospects as a driver. The D endorsement has to be renewed every five years. Do the theory online and come into any one of TR Driver Training’s 12 branches to do the final assessment.

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