Driving tests

How do you sanitise your car or truck?

To ensure that your vehicle is completely sanitised to reduce the risk of catching a transmissible disease such as COVID-19, follow these steps: When cleaning, you must wear gloves. A face mask and safety goggles must be used if working

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How long do you have to wait to drive after a C section?

Why can a C section make it difficult to drive? A Caesarian or C section is a surgery that involves cutting the muscles of the abdominal wall. The healing process can be painful as those muscles are used all the

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Should your forklift drivers use hearing protection?

Some forklift trainers will tell you that it is dangerous to wear earplugs or other hearing protection while using a forklift because you can’t hear other forklifts or pedestrians around you, but forklifts can create a lot of noise. High

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Do company vehicles have to carry a first aid kit?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 covers the safety of employees and contractors wherever they are working for you, and this includes when they’re in a vehicle driving for work, whether they are driving or just a passenger.

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Medical requirements for driving

In order to drive you must meet a minimum level of health. Every time you renew or replace your driver’s licence you must either declare yourself fit to drive or, in some cases, supply a medical or eyesight certificate. Some

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Can you drive after having a head injury?

A brain injury need not mean the end of driving. Some skills can be regained or relearned, including driving. Getting back on the road again can improve independence for people who have suffered a brain injury. Driving requires a number of

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Eyesight requirements for driving in New Zealand

In order to have a driver’s licence you must also pass an eyesight test. You can either do this at the testing station or you can go to an optometrist and get a certificate that is valid for up to

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Smoking while driving – physical and physiological dangers and risks

What happens when you smoke and drive? The physical process of smoking The act of taking a cigarette out of the packet, finding your lighter and coordinating your hand or hands to light the cigarette means you are likely to

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Health risks of working as a professional truck or bus driver

If you are practising for your heavy vehicle licence you should consider also learning about how to reduce the potential long-term health effects of being a professional heavy vehicle driver. Professional drivers are at risk of a large number of

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Health risks through working as a driving instructor

We are often made aware of risks that professional drivers such as truck and taxi drivers are exposed to during their job. Driving instructors can experience similar risks, plus some others. Driving instructors spend hours in or on their vehicle

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