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5 auto mechanic tools you need to have in your car

We all hate that feeling we get when you have to pull over to the side of the road because you’ve heard the car make a funny sound. Maybe you’ve even been unable to avoid something on the road and

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What is the social cost of a car crash?

In a vehicle crash the obvious cost is the damage to the vehicle but there is a social cost, too, as many other people are affected by the crash. The Ministry of Transport publishes social cost figures every year. New

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How angling your wheels at an intersection can cause a crash

When you come up to an intersection you should always leave your wheels pointing straight ahead until you start to turn into the intersection, i.e. as you start moving forward to make the turn into the intersection, turn your wheels.

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Highside and lowside motorcycle crashes explained (+video)

Two types of crash a likely to occur on corners when riding a motorbike: the lowside and highside crash. Highside crashes The highside crash is the most dangerous of the two types of crash because the action of the motorbike

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Using crash test ratings when buying a car

There are three main crash test rating agencies that we see in New Zealand: ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program), Euro NCAP and JNCAP (Japan). There is also the IIHS in the USA, but their figures don’t tend to be

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What should you do if you have a crash or accident?

In this article we’ll discuss how competent drivers avoid accidents, and tell you your obligations if you do have an accident. Until computers control all our vehicles, we will continue to have crashes because drivers are only human. Unfortunately humans

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